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Welcome to the website of the Spiritan Zambia Orphan Fund. This charity was set up in Ireland in 2006 to raise funding to support the work of the Orphans and Vulnerables Organisation (OVO), Zambia. The OVO uses these funds to carry out invaluable work to improve the plight of children orphaned through AIDS in Zambia. The work of this organisation is coordinated by Fr. Michael Walsh, C.S.Sp., a native of Kinnitty, Co. Offaly, Ireland. For many years he was based in a town called Zimba in Southern Province, Zambia. In March 2013 he moved to Pemba, a small town (population of about 4,000) located in Choma District, approximately a two hour drive north of Zimba.

To find out more about the fund raising work of the SZOF in Ireland, and about the great work of the OVO which it supports, please check out the Our Work section. Please also see the appeal letter written by Fr. Walsh here (see page 1, page 2 and page 3 individually as images by clicking the page number).

This website aims, among other things, to provide you with detailed information about what we do, our history, where we are based, how you can become involved and how you can contact us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions relating to the charity. There is an email address along with phone numbers for a select number of people in the Contact Us section. We welcome any feedback or queries in relation to our charity and website.

You can see updates in relation to specific projects at the following links:

Ongoing - Midland Grain Growers and Kinnitty Parish - School Fees Project
Kinnitty Logo

2017-2018 - Combined Services Third World Fund - Mwapona Choma Primary School - New Library and Toilets
Combined Services Third World Fund Logo

2017 - Garda Third World Fund - Malama Project
Garda Logo

2017 - INTO Solidarity Fund - Malama Project

2014-2015 - Combined Services Third World Fund - Mwapona Choma Primary School - Latrines
Combined Services Third World Fund Logo

2014 - INTO Solidarity Fund - Mwapona Project

2014 - Rose Tighe’s Estate - Simwami Primary School Book Project
Simwami Logo

2013-2014 - Garda Third World Fund - Chali Project
Garda Logo

2013 - Irish Aid - Mwapona Project
Irish Aid Logo

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